Guide to Dino-Lite Digital Microscopes

Powerful, portable and versatile, Dino-lite microscopes are packed with functionality and up-to-the-minute technology. In total over 150 models make up the range, so which model is most suitable for you? Let us help you.

The original inventor of the small hand-held digital USB microscope, the Taiwanese manufacturer now produces an extensive selection of microscopes for use in a wide range of applications. Priced between £100 and £1000, there’s no shortage of copy-cat versions available on the market – but Dino-lite, with its reputation for high quality imaging and optics, has successfully carved out its position as the market leader and standard bearer for the sector. From industrial customers to conservationists and to the discerning hobbyist, Dino-Lite digital microscopes are the first of choice for those prepared to invest in a premier model.

Dino-Lite’s large model range covers multiple connectivity options, numerous magnification ranges, specialized illumination, such as polariser, ultraviolet, fluorescence, infrared or combinations.


The Dino-Lite Universal series encompasses the latest Edge range as well as the popular Pro range, offering a broad selection of microscopes with superior image quality, user-friendly software with comprehensive measurement functions, and unique features. These Dino-Lite digital microscopes models all have a USB connection with a magnification up to 220x and an image resolution of 1.3  megapixel or 5.0 megapixel. Latest models in the series have USB 3.0 connection offering high speed image transfer (frame rate).

Dino-Lite’s Edge series are the latest generation, comprising 44 models in total, and incorporating the latest technology, with enhanced optics and sensors providing even better image quality and greater flexibility. All Edge series models have magnification which is infinitely variable between the minimum and maximum level of each model; this is a significant advantage compared to the Pro models and Dino-Lite’s competition. We have previously produced an in-depth guide to the new Dino-lite 7000 Edge Series which can be found on InfoZone

The Pro range consists of seven models offering 1.3 or 5.0 megapixel resolution with magnification up to 200x, providing great picture quality and comprehensive measurement options.


Dino-lite’s Basic series – USB microscopes with magnification from 10x – 60x and 200x – are ideal for home and light professional use where applications do not require high resolution, advanced hardware or software features.


Dino-Lite models within the high magnification series offer magnification of 400x, 500x and an amazing 900x making superb inspection tools for biomedical research, material analysis, electronics inspection, or similar applications that require the examination of intricate structures. Microscopes in this range have either 1.3 megapixel or 5.0 megapixel, USB connection and professional Dino-Capture software.


With direct connectivity to computer monitors (VGA) or a TV screen (DVI or TV), Dino-lite’s Real Time models are perfect in situations where a high speed real-time video stream is required. High frame rate of up to 60 frames per second make these microscopes ideal for inspecting PCB’s or objects that need to be moved around under a microscope. VGA connected models offer 800×600 pixel resolution with enhanced low light visibility enabling the user to see clearly in any situation, whilst the DVI models connect directly to a HD TV or monitor with sharp 700p HD resolution enabling inspection of even the smallest items.  Dino-Lite’s Real Time models are perfect for inspection tasks where you do not want to use a computer.


For situations where extra distance to the object and a larger field of view is required the Long Working Distance (LWD) microscopes are the best choice and are ideal for tasks such as repair, rework or assembly, or for working with bulky or fragile objects that cannot be touched. LWD models are available within the Edge, Pro and Real Time series with magnification up to 140x. Some models come with built-in polariser to reduce reflection and models with an extra robust metal housing are also available.


Many specialised applications in science, forensics, industry, engineering and medical fields require special lighting. Dino-Lite have created a range of digital microscopes with ultra-violet, infra-red, fluorescent and combinations of different lighting types to meet these needs.


Turn your conventional microscope into a digital microscope with a DinoEye eyepiece camera. The ocular (eyepiece) of your non-digital microscope can simply be replaced with the DinoEye eyepiece and it is then connected to a computer via USB. DinoEye TV models can also be connected straight into your TV using a dedicated connector.  DinoCapture software provides professional standard image or video processing, including calibrated measurement features (USB models only).


Do you want to use your microscope wirelessly with your ipad, iphone, tablet, or other mobile device?  Ideal for field work or presentations, you can stream from one Dino-Lite digital microscope to multiple devices using the WF-10 WiFi Streamer wirelessly to connect with an iOS (iPhone, iPad or Android) app or through a web browser on any tablet, smartphone, or computer. Perfect for power on the go, Dino-lite models can be connected directly to Windows 8 and 10 tablets through a USB connector. There’s also a built-in driver and native camera app for use with Windows Surface tablets.


Dino-lite offer a range of accessories including a selection of stands and a line of products to aid light and control.  Dino-lite strongly recommends purchasing a sturdy and reliable stand as an accessory to your high precision digital microscope. Of high quality construction, a broad range of stands, end caps, X-Y tables and other accessories are available. Lighting accessories include LED ring light, powered backlight and darkfield/brightfield backlights.


Professional and reliable software is essential for USB microscopes. Dino-Lite’s products are delivered with intuitive, user-friendly software which is free to use, requires little training and has an automatic update feature.  Available for Windows and MacOS (DinoXcope) with free online & e-mail software support, the DinoCapture 2.0 software is available in a variety of languages.

We Say:  Dino-lite digital microscopes are known for their quality and are a highly popular choice amongst our customers. Although not every model is currently featured on the PeplerOptics’ website, we can supply any item available within their range and we are usually able to dispatch within a week if it is not already in stock.  If you would like any further information please contact us.

Download the full Dino-Lite Digital Microscope Catalogue here (pdf format, size 17MB).