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  1. Ash Technologies Inspex 3 Digital Inspection Microscope
    Ash Vision
    Ash Vision Inspex 3 Digital Microscope and Measurement System
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    Ships in 7-10 days

    • 2.1x to 131x Magnification, Parfocal, WD 195mm
    • Expandable to 320x
    • New AshCam 30x HD Camera 1080p at 60fps
    • Measurement with no PC required
    • AshCal Calibration Tracking, Image stacking

  2. Ash Inspex HD Vesa Digital Microscope - Build Your Own
    Ash Inspex HD Digital Inspection Microscope

    As low as £4,200.00 £3,500.00

    Delivery time varies with configuration

    • 2.5x to 122x Magnification, WD 200mm
    • Fast Live Image Display, Full HD 1080p at 60fps
    • Image capture to USB Key, no PC required
    • Choice of Vesa Stands & Accessories

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