Meet the Makers – Kitotec

We continue our Meet Our Makers series with an introduction to premier video microscope suppliers Kitotec.

German manufacturer Kitotec GmbH is probably best known to PeplerOptics’ customers for its range of high-quality video microscopes designed for inspection and measurement tasks. Based in the town of Meckenheim just outside Cologne, Kitotec have offices worldwide including a UK base at our own offices in Hale, Cheshire.

If your chosen application requires high resolution images, simplicity of operation, large depth of focus, wide zoom area, user-friendly measurement software, then the popular Kitozoom system by Kitotec could be the perfect solution.

Available in four different specifications – all competitively priced - Kitozoom microscopes feature a parfocal optical zoom unit (constant focus) providing magnification from 8x to 450x.  A choice of either USB or DVI cameras provides a flexible configuration for use across a wide variety of applications from inspection only to comprehensive measurement tasks. Optional accessories include X-Y cross tables and different illumination sources to suit your application.

An easy to use measuring software, KITEC, is available with the Kitozoom series, providing quick image capture, analysis and the most comprehensive set of measurement functions, working in either a live or still image.

We say: The flexibility, performance and value for money of Kitozoom for so many applications is unique in the market. We have been very encouraged to find that the product attracts strong interest from our customers across a variety of sectors.

If you would like  more information about Kitozoom or other Kitotec products, please contact us.