Stevenage Circuits invest in Kitozoom

PeplerOptics has supplied Stevenage Circuits with multiple Kitozoom digital video microscopes for use in their PCB inspection department. A new line for PeplerOptics, Kitozoom is a video microscope for inspection and measurement tasks, featuring high-resolution images, parfocal zoom, with a large working distance and field of view.

A wide magnification range is available - from 8x to 450x – in several configurations, including X-Y cross tables and LED cold light sources.
High-resolution cameras provide high quality images direct to a monitor or via USB to a computer and a Parfocal optical zoom unit enables constant focus when changing zoom level. To accompany the Kitozoom system, PeplerOptics also offers compatible measuring software.

KITEC provides quick image capture, analysis and a comprehensive set of measurement functions, working in both live and still image format.  Amongst the advanced features available is KITEC’s ability to import CAD files for overlay and exporting to Excel for reporting.

Stevenage Circuits Managing Director Robert Brown said: “We selected the Kitozoom video inspection system after benchmarking several alternatives and finding better quality images, larger magnification range and far superior software functions that really suited our needs. The Kitozoom with displaypossibility to configure systems for either inspection only or with measurement software meant we could purchase multiple systems at a competitive price”