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  • From David at 25/07/2016 16:07
    • I have AMD wet and dry and am finding it very difficult to read anything at the moment, I have a small magnifier 3+, would you recommend the 10+ for me. I have recently bought a 10inch tablet as I am unable now to se the Tv, by holding the tablet near my eyes I can see a little but the controls are so small that I can not see them and am making lots of mistakes , it is very frustrating.
    • Hello and thanks for your interest. We normally recommend magnifiers with 2 x or 3x for reading with smaller letters. Those with 5x to 7x are adequate for daily desk use. For inspection of very fine details 10x to 20x is recommended, but if you tried to read a newspaper with a 10x you would need to move the magnifier along each letter because of the small field of view. So you might find the field of view in a 10x magnifier a bit too small for reading the controls on your tablet.
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