Euromex Microscopes - Meet the Makers of Microscopes for Industry, Research & Education

Founded in 1966 , Euromex is a world-class manufacturer of microscopes for industries, laboratories and education. Their corporate office, based in the city of Arnhem, Holland is housed in a high-tech facility with a 2,000 sq.m conditioned logistics warehouse, an opto-mechanical workshop, R&D department and a high-level quality control department.

We chose Euromex as a partner to expand our product range into light microscopes after being impressed with the optical quality of their instruments and competitive prices. Their range is extensive covering many types of stereo, biological, and material microscopes, as well as digital microscopes, cameras and accessories. Applications include: industry, life sciences, material sciences as well as in education and research.

A selection of Euromex microscopes are now in stock and available to purchase online. We are constantly expanding the range available online but if you can't find what you are looking for then it maybe worth visiting Euromex range at  Do contact us if you would like a price on any Euromex microscope not yet shown on our website or if you would like a demonstration or some technical advice - call us on 01625 541336 or email

Euromex microscopes can be found on under the following categories:

- Stereo Microscopes
- Biological microscopes
- Material microscopes
- Inverted microscopes
- Phase Contrast microscopes
- Digital Microscopes
- Microscope cameras
- Microscope accessories

We also stock Euromex's fantastic Q-Scope, handheld digital microscopes. The Q-scope range provide high resolution with magnification up to 200x, built-in polariser and advance software for image capture and measurement. We highly recommend the Q-Scope digital microscopes for their image quality and excellent value for money.