Continuing our Meet The Makers series, we are delighted to introduce you to one of our most popular suppliers, Peak of Japan.

Peak is a rarity not only in the optics industry but in the marketplace generally – for although year in, year out, the company enjoys an impressive market share, it has managed to retain its brand profile without employing traditional marketing tools. Unusually for a company known worldwide, Peak doesn’t do much direct promotion and their website is in Japanese only.  This can be confusing when searching the internet as there are some distributors who do in fact include Peak in their domain name.

They are however not the actual manufacturing company in Japan. So how does Peak manage to stand out from the crowd? Founded in 1950 in Tokyo, Peak is now the leading manufacturer of magnifiers in Japan and recognised as a symbol of quality for optical inspection and measurement in many industries the world over. What sets Peak apart from its many competitors is a reputation built up over many years; a well-established distributor network; and its extensive range of superior quality products that are made in Japan to the same exacting standards as always.

When looking for magnifier and loupe, a Peak product will often be top of this list for our customers. Whilst supplying many popular applications, the company has also established a niche for more specialised uses. From taking microscopic measurements on the shop floor to inspecting photographic slide film, Peak of Japan have unique products to suit. At PeplerOptics, we have been supplying products from Peak since we first launched our optics division.

Best sellers include Peak’s range of measuring magnifiers, often called scale loupes, which the Japanese company offers a wider range than all of its competitors.  Another line always in demand is its range of portable stand microscopes which are found in many factories, all helping make Peak one of our top suppliers. PeplerOptics is proud to stock the full line of Peak products and an extensive range of spare parts and accessories – around 250 items in total – and we can usually ship within 24 hours of order. We are also on hand to provide technical expertise if you need help. We say: Peak of Japan is one of the industry’s best kept secrets.