Digital solutions are becoming the standard for routine inspection and measurements tasks in industry, laboratories and education . Whether you seek a traditional stereo or compound microscope with camera attached, or you prefer a purely digital system the new breed of digital microscopes and cameras no longer need a computer.

The term stand-alone digital microscope reflects this trend. We review the technology and solutions in this guide and show why they have become so popular with our customers.

Stand-alone digital microscopes do not require the use of a computer, they all share an HD camera coupled directly to a monitor. The cameras can be mounted onto optical microscopes such as stereo, biological or material microscopes or to zoom systems creating a a purely digital solution. In all cases they deliver a truly plug and play digital system that is easy to setup, train and operate.

Despite the absence of a computer these stand-alone systems provide the capability to capture and save both images and videos, perform calibrated measurements, annotate images for sharing and reporting and more,. Just attach the mouse to your HD camera and you are ready to go, all without the use of a personal computer! !

No additional software required

As no computer is needed, there is no more need to consider whether the software will work with your version of operating system (Windows or MacOS). The camera of a stand alone microscope has built-in mouse-driven software which displays the menus directly onto a monitor. The monitor can be attached to the camera or separate.

Brilliant Real-time images

Best of all the images obtained with these HD camera are amazing and suitable for a wide range of applications, particularly where real-time images are needed. With 60 frames per second (fps) and excellent colour rendering these camera are perfect for modern microscopy. Almost no image delay (latency) is seen with these high speed cameras which makes them terrific for fast paced tasks such as shop floor inspection.

Software features

User friendly and simple to use, most camera settings are done automatically but changing settings is easily done on the monitor. The result – faster, more flexible and compact working conditions.

Saving images and videos is done to an SD card or USB stick and in some models can also be saved directly to your network using built-in WiFi or Ethernet interfaces. Images & videos are easily recalled for viewing on the monitor in a gallery format.

The HD-4K, HD-Ultra and HD-Mini models even offer a full range of measurement functions in both live and still images. HD-AutoFocus offer measurement in live image only.

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