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  1. Loupe Magnifier
    Peak 1962 Loupe Magnifier, 15x
    £21.60 £18.00
    In Stock, ready to ship now

    • 15x magnification
    • Achromatic, distortion free lens
    • 15 mm Field of view

  2. peak 2023
    Peak 2023 Illuminated Loupe Magnifier, 15x
    £43.20 £36.00
    In Stock, ready to ship now

    Similar to the 1962 loupe but with illumination, 15x

  3. Beta View Stand Magnifier 10x
    Beta View Stand Magnifier
    As low as £98.40 £82.00
    Ships in 7-10 days
    Acrylic body, colour corrected lens with focusing, 10x, 12x & 20x
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Loupe Magnifiers

Loupes are small magnifiers ideal for quick inspection and checking tasks. They are designed to stand on the object to be viewed for the correct focus, but are light enough to also hold up to the eye. At PeplerOptics we stock a range of Loupes with magnification from 5x to 30x and superior optical quality from top brands such as Peak of Japan.