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  1. Motic Panthera TEC MAT BD-T Material Microscope
    Motic Panthera Material Microscope, TEC MAT BD-T, 50x-500x
    £6,548.40 £5,457.00
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    • 4 Plan Achromatic Objectives 5x/10x/20x/S50
    • Trinocular head with 10x/22mm eyepieces
    • X-Y Rackless Mechanical Stage, 300 x 180mm
    • Reflected & transmitted illumination
    • Darkfield & Brightfield

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Darkfield Microscopes - Motic

Darkfield is a simple and popular illumination method for rendering unstained and transparent specimens clearly visible under a microscope. Live Blood analysis is a common application that benefits from Darkfield illumination but there are many others. Darkfield compound microscopes are usually equipped with special cardioid mirror condensers and a high power LED light source that are effective at high magnification.