Daylight Magnifying Lamps for Beauty &clinic

The Daylight company manufacture speciality lighting and magnifiers for use in the health & beauty clinics, industrial inspection, low vision, craft and art sectors. Established in London in 1987 their range of magnifiers and lamps are designed and engineered for the task in hand with an emphasis on natural daylight, ergonomics and contemporary design. They include the following features:

The latest innovative LED technology & advanced design using the latest daylight SMD LEDs to achieve maximum light output that is dimmable, energy saving and long lasting.

Daylight colour balanced light. Exceptional clarity from 6,000°K daylight SMD LEDs with high contrast and dimming control for detailed inspection.

 • Largest and lightest lenses. Large magnifying lenses with a range of alternative diopters, available in lightweight acrylic and optical quality glass to provide a perfect field of view

High performing ergonomics. Effortless movement and accurate positioning for perfect viewing of detail. Quick Change Lens System allows different magnification lenses to be changed in seconds

Robust and high-performance materials. Materials specially selected for their strength, performance and reliability in demanding environments.

Daylight Company Magnifiers
Daylight Magnifiers
Daylight Company Task Lamps
Daylight Task Lamp

Daylight magnifying lamps & task lights are used in very diverse environments:

  • Health & Beauty Clinics
  • Industrial Inspection
  • Arts & Graphics
  • Sewing & Crafts
  • Sight Loss

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