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  1. Folding Triplet Jewellers Loupe Magnifier LED 10x
    Folding Triplet Jewellers Loupe Magnifier, LED Illumination, 10x
    £40.80 £34.00
    In Stock, ready to ship now

    Achromatic lens, 21mm diameter, LED illumination, 10x

  2. Bestseller
    Kimag-10 bottom view
    KIMAG-10-LED Scale Loupe Measuring Magnifier, 0.1mm Scale, 10x
    £70.80 £59.00
    23 In Stock. Next Day Delivery Available

    • 10x Magnification, focusable
    • LED Illumination
    • Graticule scale 0.1mm divisions

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PeplerOptics superb range of magnifiers and loupes cover all kinds of inspection, measurement and vision enhancing tasks with magnification from 3x to 100x. Take a look at our huge selection including top brands such as Peak, Eschenbach, Daylight, Specwell, Eschenbach, Beta and UK manufacturer Coil.