Dino-Lite microscopes have been our best-selling brand of digital microscope for several years now and continue to amaze customers with stunning images and powerful features. Produced in Taiwan, Dino-Lite has been at the forefront of digital microscope development since 2000 when they invented the first truly hand-held digital microscope.

The Dino-Lite microscope range has since grown to more than 150 models and accessories used by industry, laboratories, education, agriculture, and forensics. Applications cover inspection, quality control, production, research, and documentation. They are as popular with large corporations as they are with the discerning hobbyists.

Dino-Lite microscopes offer high quality imaging and optics with advanced functions, such as image stacking for Extended Depth of Field (EDOF), UV lightning, Flexible LED Control (FLC), axial illumination, live measurements, and more.

With world class support and warranty you can be sure of Dino-Lite.  PeplerOptics is a Dino-Lite Authorised Reseller holding extensive stock, competitive prices with next day UK delivery and the expertise to support you.

Dino-Lite microscopes are supplied with professional, stable and user-friendly software developed in-house. The software is available for both Windows and MacOS and is continuously developed with updates provided free of charge for Dino-Lite users.

Dino-Lite models range in price from £150 to £1,600 and can be divided into several categories featured below. For more details do visit our main Dino-Lite Microscope Guide page where you will find much more information to help you select the most suitable model.

Dino-Lite also make a range of accessories for their microscopes including stands, illumination and holders.

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