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  1. Euromex CMEX-5 WiFi-3 Microscope Camera, WiFi, 5.0MP
    Euromex CMEX-5 WiFi-3 Microscope Camera, 3rd Generation, WiFi, 5.0MP
    £358.80 £299.00
    In Stock, ready to ship now

    * New model faster frame rate
    * WiFi Connection
    * C-Mount or eyepiece adapters
    * Windows, Mac OS, Apps for Iphone & Android

  2. Moticam X5 Plus Microscope Camera
    Moticam X5 Plus Microscope Camera, 1/3" CMOS Sensor, WiFi, Ethernet, 4.0MP
    £556.80 £464.00
    Ships in 7-10 days

    • 4.0 Mp resolution
    • CMOS sensor, 1/3"
    • WiFi & Ethernet Interface
    • Motic Images Plus 3.1 Software
    • MotiConnect Apps for IOS & Android

  3. Euromex EduPad-Wifi with 8 Inch Tablet with 5 Mp Microscope Wifi Camera
    Euromex EduPad-WiFi, 8 Inch Tablet with 5.0Mp USB Microscope Camera
    £756.00 £630.00
    Ships in 7-10 days

    • 8" Tablet with Touch Screen
    • 5.0Mp WiFi Microscope camera
    • Image Focus Software, IOS & Android Apps 
    • Fits to Trinocular Microscopes

  4. Euromex ProPad-Wifi 10 Inch Tablet with 5 Mp Wifi Camera Microscope
    Euromex ProPad-Wifi Microscope Camera 5.0Mp with 10 Inch Tablet, HD Touchscreen and Keyboard-Docking Station
    £1,296.00 £1,080.00
    Ships in 7-10 days

    • 10" Tablet with HD Touch Screen & Keyboard
    • 5.0Mp WiFi Microscope camera
    • Image Focus Software, IOS and Android Apps
    • Fits to Trinocular Microscopes

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Turn your conventional microscope into a digital microscope with our range of cameras for real-time imaging and analysis. Microscope cameras provide an effective solution to viewing and capturing digital images through a traditional microscope and are used in a variety of imaging applications such as microscopy, quality control and automation.

Fitting a camera to your microscope can either be done using the photo port if your microscope has a trinocular head, or by simply replacing one eyepiece. 

For more advice read our Microscope Camera Guide