Microscopes for PCB Inspection & Repair

Microscopes are an essential tool for inspection and repair tasks in the Electronics & PCB... Read More

Stereo Microscope Guide

Stereo Microscopes are designed to observe non-transparent materials and specimens at relatively low magnifications, ... Read More

Stand-Alone Digital Microscopes

Digital solutions are becoming the standard for routine inspection and measurements tasks in industry, laboratories... Read More

USB Microscope Review

Welcome to our USB Microscope review, a guide to one of the most popular product... Read More

Microscope Guide: How to Choose a Microscope

Whether to buy a compound, stereo or digital microscope is a question frequently asked of... Read More

Guide to Bench Magnifiers

This guide introduces our range of illuminated Bench magnifiers used for industrial & electronics inspection... Read More

Microscope Camera Guide

Turning a conventional microscope into a digital microscope is very popular and simple to do... Read More

Guide: How to choose your Magnifier

The most common questions we receive are about magnification and finding the right level for... Read More

Dino-Lite Digital Microscopes Guide

Dino-lite digital microscopes are powerful, portable and versatile, packed with functionality and up-to-the-minute te... Read More

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